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This is the group journal of a multiple system, the Amalthea Collective intended only for posting at multiplicity communities (add our actual journal, withypol, if you'd like).

Multiplicity is simply a state of existence. It implies that there are two or more people co-existing in the same body. People, with their own interests, dreams, opinions, views, beliefs, and experiences. Many groups came into existence through abuse or traumatic events, and many were just born this way. We personally don't see it as a curse. There's not much to do but accept it and try to do all we can to make our lives together as meaningful and well spent as possible. Or at least good enough.

MuC N? [f;f] S.H+ We+/d Cc- I-- OF(r o++) Feb^/pd^/pc^/a/div^/#+^ T++ X"queer"-(s/g/"queer") Js Do R- C++ So


Content: We rarely use this journal anymore; it's mostly just for posting at multiplicity communities. The only one of us who actually journals, Withypol, has moved to withypol. If we know you, or if you'd like to know us, feel free to add her/us there.


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